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Jan 3-14, 2024
Jan 3-14, 2024
JULY, 2024






Join us for a week long summer break adventure on the world class Laugavegur Trail in Iceland! This experience will start with a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, which is where we’ll officially kick off our adventure and finish outfitting our trip. From Reykjavik we’ll head northeast by vehicle towards the trailhead of the Laugavegur Trail for our first night of camping before we hike for the next four days through the Iceland wilderness. The Laugavegur Trail is 35 miles in length and travels from Landsmannalauger to Thorsmork. This is one of the most well-known trekking trails in Iceland, and for good reason. The trail features some of the most stunning terrain that Iceland has to offer, including polychrome mountains, lava fields, black sand deserts, geothermal springs, glaciers, lakes, icy river-crossings, waterfalls, and grassy plains and forest. This is traditionally a busy time of year to be on the trail, but that means we’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with like minded travelers from all over the world.


After four days of backpacking on the Laugavegur Trail, we’ll be picked up and brought back to Reykjavik to enjoy our final two days in Iceland. This beautiful capital city has a ton to see and do, and we’ll plan to spend time relaxing after our big hike and learning all about Icelandic culture before we fly back to the US.


Summer is considered a gorgeous time of year to visit Iceland, with June through September being the most popular time of the year for this country. Weather in Iceland in June is more mild than other times of the year, but participants should be prepared to experience challenging weather including rain, wind, and even high elevation snow showers. Participants should prepare to come ready for adventure, challenge and the fulfillment that tends to come from spending time in nature with good people. All trip participants should come with prior experience hiking and the ability to hike for multiple days on uneven, rugged established trails while carrying a backpack of up to 30-40lbs for up to 10 miles at a time with up to 2,000ft of vertical gain/descent.