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Outing Club Manager





OEL Outing Club


The Outing Club manager is a unique role on campus in which you have the ability to design trips each semester, form connections with student leaders, and increase student involvement in the outdoors!


As an Outing Club Manager, it is expected that you…

  • Serve as liaison to OEL Admin Team

    • Weekly one on ones with Assistant OEL Director

    • Attend monthly manager meeting

    • Works closely with Buckwild managers sharing resources and workload when needed

  • Plan trips

    • Help with OpDocs and logistics for trips

    • Create a schedule for the following semester

    • Track participation and completion of OpDoc after the trips

  • Manage Trip Leaders

    • Designate trip leaders/ shadow leaders to lead trips

    • Act as main point of communication for the leaders in regards to trip logistics and planning

    • Provide support during trainings

  • Work with marketing and other organizations to create on-campus events and speakers

Minimum Qualifications
  • Has been a trip leader for a minimum of 1 year

  • Must be a sophomore or Junior

  • Excited about OEL/ getting outside

  • Strong at communication both in person and digitally

  • Must be able to allocate 6 to 10 hours for Manager work per week.

Application Deadline

11:59 p.m. on Sunday, February 2nd.

How To Apply

Interested, qualified individuals may apply by using the OEL Employment Application online process specific for Student Manager positions. When completing this application, you will be prompted to select which areas of OEL you are most interested in working for; please select the option associated with Outing Club.


To access this application CLICK HERE


Have additional questions? Please Contact Us for more information. We're here to help! 

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