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OEL Trip Leader






Outing Club, BuckWild


The OEL Trip Leader position is volunteer in nature, and will enable students to lead participants on a variety of wilderness excursions. OEL Trip Leaders will complete an intensive wilderness leader training, which will include topics such as Leave No Trace principles, Wilderness Advanced First Aid, backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, road and mountain biking, and more. Prior experience in any or all of these activities is welcomed but NOT REQUIRED. These Trip Leader trainings will be provided free of charge in exchange for a commitment to the program. OEL Trip Leaders will be expected to facilitate group activities, participate in meaningful discussions with fellow trip leaders and participants, and aid in creating an overall positive atmosphere for the group.


OEL Trip Leaders will be expected to lead a certain number of Outing Club trips throughout the duration of the school year. From design, to implementation and evaluation, Trip Leaders will work closely with the OEL Administrative Team to plan logistics for a variety of trips they are interested in leading, and assure that these trips run smoothly. Most of these Outing Club trips fall over weekends and are within a 1-5 hour driving distance from campus. These trips typically include everything from a 3-6 hour day trip or program, overnight weekend trips, and week-long trips during designated academic breaks (e.g. Fall Break, Spring Break). 

After training and trip leading experience is acquired, an OEL Trip Leader will have the option to express an interest in leading a trip for BuckWild, the wilderness pre-orientation program for incoming first year students. This program is a five day immersive wilderness experience that offers a variety of different trip options. If Trip Leaders choose this training track, they will receive additional training in facilitation and leadership methods, which are then expected to be implemented throughout the BuckWild field experience.

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants for this position should possess a genuine interest and appreciation for the outdoors, comfort with being in an outdoor setting, and demonstrated ability as a leader and/or educator. 

Application Deadline

September 15, 2019

How To Apply

OEL Trip Leaders may apply by using the OEL Employment Application. This serves as a general application for all OEL employment opportunities. When completing this application, you will be prompted to select which areas of OEL you are most interested in working for. OEL Trip Leaders should select to option associated with this position and the OEL Outing Club, BuckWild.


To access this application CLICK HERE


Have additional questions? Please Contact Us for more information. We're here to help! 

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